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Marilyn by Maren







Dream along and dive in!

Are you sure you know Marilyn well?
Learn surprising and new things about her.
Laugh. Be amazed at the part of Marilyn that is unknown to most.
And look forward to testing your new knowledge in the Marilyn Monroe Quiz.
Win 15 minutes of exclusive photo shoot time with Marilyn by Maren!

My mission is
your radiant smile

If you come out of my Entert(r)ainment show happier than before, that makes me happy too.
And to look into your smiling face during the show.
I will let you go home more cheerful and with a few new aha moments that will make your life easier, more beautiful, enriched and happier.

marilyn maren
marilyn maren
marilyn maren
marilyn maren
marilyn maren
marilyn maren
marilyn maren

Coming Soon

Marilyn's DRESS by Maren

Look forward with me to a feast for the eyes… my wonderful dress.
It is made by the fantastic haute couture and RTL Let’s Dance designer Katia Convents.


Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚

Santa Baby πŸŽ…

Making Of „Marilyn by Maren“

How the idea was born in 2020

1. "You sound like Marilyn Monroe!"

When I sent a self-sung Christmas carol to my close friends via WhatsApp, I thought nothing more of it. Just a little Christmas greeting around Corona time, 2020. Only to my closer friends, because I thought they would take it with goodwill if I embarrassed myself a little.
To my surprise, my friends said: „You sound just like Marilyn Monroe!“ – „Aha?“

Among them was a successful musical actor, he had played „Cats“ in Hamburg and played Jane’s father in „Tarzan“. In his opinion, I had sungΒ  even better than Marilyn. Old flatterer… I didn’t believe a word he said.
A friend’s partner just came in the door when she heard my song, listened briefly and then asked: „Is that Marilyn Monroe?“ – „No,“ she answered, „that’s Maren!“
So I became a little braver and dared to experiment…

2. Baptism of Fire

I dared and sent the recording to my good old dance coach Ralf Lepehne for review. I had trained intensively with him for a long time, and value his opinions. He is an 8-time German champion (1985 – 1992) and an experienced event-organizer. To my surprise, he thought my song was great! And even encouraged me to sing it at his small Christmas party this year. Phew, I was excited.

I almost declined. Because about 10 internationally known dancers and trainers celebrated with us. Among them also Carmen Vincelj, 9-time world champion (1999 – 2007). Then, on top, I had a technical glitch: the music refused to play. I wanted to sink into the ground. Over and done. I’d rather just hide in a hole and hopefully never meet these wonderful people again.

After the Christmas party, my phone suddenly rang. Ralf! He was thrilled: „They all thought it was great!“ I could hardly believe it: „Really? Are you sure?“ – „Yes, they liked it, and yes, that was good!“ I was really floored…

And again I didn’t want to believe him at first, but one thing I knew from his training: You can mark praise from Ralf in red in your calendar. He is very economical with it and if he says something is good, then it is good.

So I stopped believing in friendly flattery and began to excitedly allow myself the thought that I might actually be allowed to bring my dream to life…

3. Hourglass figure: Check. Voice: Check.

So I made some test recordings. And wow, yes, you could really hear that! I was not at all used to hear my singing and being happy with it. And: It did indeed sound very much like Marilyn. I obviously had the right timbre and tone colours, what a wonderful gift!
Yes, but… What do I look like, I thought. Was I really allowed to dream of being able to enter the stage in the role of Marilyn? And to be able to entertain you with it? You, dear reader? Or would I become a laughing stock? Courageously I compared:

I’m 1.66 m tall (or short) – just like Marilyn! (Sources vary between 1.66 and 1.68). Marilyn weighed between 52 and 59 kg, and I weigh 53.5 kg… Perfect again! Wow, I thought, then I even have a very similar figure… I dared to look in the mirror: hourglass… Blonde hair of a similar length. And the beautiful face?

Well, a little courage to leave a gap is probably necessary… The famous quote from top model Naomi Campbell came to mind. She is said to have said: „People wonder why they don’t look like us. What they don’t know is that we don’t look like us either!“

4. I don't look the way I look

A similarly fine facial expression makes a resemblance to Marilyn. A smile that beams again and again. A similar sense of class and style, humor, kind, friendly, gentle. And makeup, of course.
For example, a painted birthmark. Do you know triangles that are not fully drawn, but have gaps? This completes the picture in your brain. When you see me, the image in your head turns into a Marilyn. To a Marilyn by Maren. Who is not only Marilyn, but a Marilyn with piece of Maren’s personality. My dream job. It seems to have been written for me somehow… How nice! I am super happy because I am allowed to entertain and make you smile!

If you are happier after seeing me than before, my mission is accomplished. This is my vocation. To make you smile. And that’s why THE dress has to be custom made!

5. The white dress has to be custom made!

The white one, of course. The one you know. The one that flutters around so attractively above the subway grate in New York. And I want to do my job well, really well, so that you as a viewer are really excited, passionate, enthusiastic.

And I want to be able to entertain you and make you happy when you buy your diamond jewellery from Harry Winston – or from Tiffany, from Cartier or from Black, Starr & Frost. Or if you own Gorham silver. This was all a quote from Marilyn’s song „Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend“. So it was immediately clear that only one seamstress would be suitable for me:

The fantastic haute couture and RTL Let’s Dance designer Katia Convents. „Let’s Dance“ is the German version of „Dancing With The Stars“. I have known Katia fleetingly for 35 years, and for as long as I can remember, she was THE number #1 dress tailor of Competition Dancing in Germany and even internationally. And she had already sewn a wonderful competition dress for my mother in the 80s. At that time I was a teenager, and I was with my parents at the fittings. I called Katia and she immediately agreed. Like a small child, I was looking forward to the appointment.

On July 17, 2023, the time had come. Excitedly, I drove to Katia’s studio to take measurements. Now I’m eagerly waiting for the first fitting…

6. To be continued...

Are Marilyn’s shoes a bit too big for me?
I aim for the stars to at least land on the moon. To paraphrase Pippi Longstocking: I can do it, I’ve never done it before.
My tale is to be continued…

Coming Soon


Entert(r)ainment. Glamorous, exciting, fascinating.

The dazzling facets of her personality
Let me introduce you to a very different side of Marilyn than the one you know!
Was Marilyn really as dumb as she is often portrayed, discovered and shaped by Hollywood producers?
Could she neither act nor sing?
How did the greatest sex symbol of all time actually feel about sex?
And how well did she know the Kennedy brothers?
Was she really so depressed that she swallowed an overdose of sleeping pills?
I will take you into a new world that you definitely didn’t know before. Together, we reveal Marilyn’s secrets and get to know her real world. You will go home surprised, smiling and motivated with a completely new and more positive image of Marilyn. Enriched by many of her secrets of success and beauty, to copy and imitate!

With Quiz:
Do you know, for example, why Marilyn was often late? You will learn all the amazing answers to the quiz questions during my Entert(r)ainment show. Be curious!


Your unforgettable business event

Our Marilyn-inspired presentations are designed to fascinate, intrigue and motivate your audience. We will make your corporate event unforgettable.
Marilyn’s timeless charm will enchant your customers, employees or business partners for you! Glamorous, elegant Entert(r)ainment educates your target group in an exciting and entertaining way.
Surprising aha moments will exhilarate, motivate and inspire.
And of course, we put a smile on your audience’s lips.

  • As a product ambassador, Marilyn by Maren opens the hearts of your target group for your dream diamond jewellery and exquisite luxury items.
  • Look forward to Marilyn by Maren as a special event for your company anniversary.
  • Marilyn by Maren makes your products shine glamorously at photo shoots.

Contact us to make your tailor-made event unforgettable!

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